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W-rap Project

Re-Instate / W-rap Project

The W-rap story so far…

Re-Instate’s W-rap™ Project, is entirely co-produced and managed by our service users; volunteers, who themselves, are journeying towards improved mental wellbeing.

The term W-rap™ stands for Well-being, Recovery, Activity Parcels. Our name was created by us and is now Trade-marked.

The project started off as a funded trial, enabling us to create W-rap packages for patients on short or long term stays in Hospitals.

The parcels are designed to provide at least five full-sized items associated with The New Economics Foundations’ Five Ways to Well-being, which are a set of evidence-based actions to help promote well-being, outlined as; Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. You can learn more here.

In September 2019, Re-Instate received a grant from the National Lottery’s Community Fund to develop W-rap within Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust. At the start of 2020, we were awarded a grant from The Pixel Fund to develop the volunteering within the W-rap project.

With the challenging situation presented by the of spread of COVID – 19, the W-rap project has played a crucial role in adapting its well-being and recovery parcels to meet the community wellbeing and other needs identified during this season of change.

To find out more about getting involved with W-rap, sponsoring items within the packs or becoming part of the W-rap team e-mail

For important product recall information, please see here.

Re-Instate’s open day at the end of April 2017 with Teresa Pearce MP and team member April Grey.

Then came delivery day

We were also featured in the Maudsley Newsletter!

And with that, our first big order was completed, feedback has been really positive. New orders are arriving and we have recently received new funding from Tesco to provide packs to young people in need. What a milestone!