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Autism-friendly Wednesdays 

In March this year and in recognition of the demand for Living Well places for autistic people, we received funding from The Postcode Lottery and were able to add an autism-focused Living Well Co-ordinator to the team. We are making a space for autistic adults in a world that focuses mainly on children.

We are developing groups and activities that are more sensitive to our members with autism. Groups are run for and by autistic people to create a safe and sensory-friendly space for socialisation.

We have our ‘autism-friendly social group’ for anyone to engage but in a more friendly environment.

‘Living With Autism’ is all about learning how to cope with anxiety, meltdowns & scenarios in everyday life. We have our “Spectrum Gaming Group” for all those gamers to engage with other like-minded people.

We will also be developing autism-friendly sports and physical activities within the new Living Active project.

Call or email to learn how to get involved.

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Please keep an eye out for further updates.