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Re-Instate / The Team

Re-Instate is a charity working to improve employment opportunities, quality of life and well-being for disadvantaged people including people experiencing mental ill health, people with learning disabilities and young people. A key part of the vision for Re-Instate is the provision of employment services that build sustainable recovery for people experiencing mental ill-health.

Re-Instate Board of Trustees

Trustee of the Board

If you are interested in supporting Re-Instate as Trustee of the Board, we would love to hear from you.

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Ben Sigsworth - Chair of the Trustee Board

I attended Grammar school locally where I spent the majority of my time on the sports field then headed for the City where I became involved in equity trading. This gave me the opportunity to move to Sweden to work as a local broker servicing large UK Equity Institutions and learn to snowboard och Svenska. Following 12 years in the City I attended Durham University to study Education but ended up Rowing on the Tees way too much. Recently I have gained my C & G in Intensive Plastering, IAB Level 2 in Bookkeeping and tutored young people for their 11+/common entrance exams. I have a working bred Springer who doesn’t fully appreciate just how much I love him, I love being with him and kind of get a bit annoyed when someone asks to walk with us.

I have been aware of disabilities, both mental and physical, for as long as I can remember. My Mother is a retired Special Needs teacher of some 20 years and my Nana was a double amputee. This gives me a first-hand insight in to the challenges that face some members of society and became very aware of the need for them to have unique and individual specific support. In addition I have first-hand experience trying to support/cope with a family member with a severe mental health diagnosis.

Our Team

Simon Hart – Chief Executive Officer

I was born and raised in Darlington, County Durham. After completing a Business degree in Hull, I moved south to Erith and joined The McNaughton Paper Group as a Buyer. I stayed there for 19 years, becoming Purchasing and Supply manager in 1998. After 2005, I began to lose my sight, and was registered blind in 2008. I joined the staff team in June 2013. I am trained in Mental Health First Aid and IPS. After three years as Head of Employment and Skills, I became CEO of Re-Instate in September 2018.

Kevin Winch- Job Retention Manager

I hail from South East London. After more than 30 years spent at Associated Newspapers in a variety of roles, before being made redundant in 2012. After a number of short –term roles, including Self-employed sports coach, I started as a volunteer with Re-Instate, before being employed in the Social Enterprise, and then as an Employment Development Co-ordinator at the start of 2014. I have a fantastic family including a son and daughter who I’m glad to say active in sports and further education. I get great joy personally from encouraging others to develop and find those hidden skills that we all have. I am trained in  IPS, Job Retention and Advanced Job Retention. I have just started studying for a mental health qualification through Grimsby University.

Michael Kalinski-Bialek – Hub Assistant

Born in North London, the family moved South of the River (and don’t we hear about it!!) when I was a mere toddler and I’ve lived around here ever since. Having found the job club really beneficial after a career break, and with everyone I met at Re-Instate being thoroughly lovely, I started asking if I could help out. Opportunities quickly arose and it seems I’ve been useful enough for them to want to keep me around! Yay!! Social Enterprise is not a concept I’d come across before, but one which seems to have the potential to greatly benefit all stakeholders involved. This is the first such environment I’ve found myself in, one that’s very interesting to observe, really enjoyable to work in and certainly an organisation I intend on remaining a friend of.

Colette Robinson - W-RAP Project Co-ordinator

 I grew up within The Royal Borough of Greenwich, attending Townley Grammar School in Bexleyheath when it was still Bexley Technical High School for Girls. I pursued a career which lasted over 20 years as a General Manager for international market leaders in the catering and eventing sector, beginning in the Defence sector and moving on to manage events, catering and retail and leisure within the Imperial War Museums, National Newspaper Publishing sector, City of London Livery and finally returning to the Defence sector. I am mum to one son who is 24 this year and one very spoilt and naughty Yorkshire terrier. I enjoy upcycling, diy and crafting in my spare time.

I first engaged with Re-Instate as a client, I sought help to liaise with my employer after struggling with long term physical ill health and the subsequent mental health issues. The support, encouragement and understanding I received from the team made me want to give something back to thank them while gaining back my confidence. I volunteered for the Autumn and Winter season in the Community Hub and was asked to come on board to coordinate the W-rap Project for this year. I am passionate about the importance of W-rap and the lives it can touch, having had some lived experience, the project as a whole and intend to use my varied skill set to take the project further.

Kirsty Horry - Employment Co-ordinator

I have lived in this borough now for sixteen years, so I am very local and love this area. Before coming to Re-Instate I worked in a drug and alcohol service as a peer adviser helping individuals through the nine pathways into well-being. I have also worked in local food banks for two years and as well as a mentor for St Columbus School. I am very aware how mental health can affect individuals and have become very passionate about working in this field.

I did not pay attention to learning in school, but later in my life I started getting into education and doing various things to develop my skills and knowledge. I am a firm believer that it is never too late to change career paths or educate yourself.

Michel Vidal - Hub Assistant

I moved from France to London 17 years ago to join my British wife. I worked as a PCO Driver (Minicab Driver) for many years and at the same I pursued my own business interests. I was introduced to Re-Instante via Mind in Bexley to get support in order to find a job.

Zoe Sinclaire – Community Hub Manager

I am a local girl, raised in and around Bexley. I have been together with my Husband for 20 years and we have four grown up children. I have a French bulldog called Louie who is my surrogate son. I joined the Re-Instate team in July 2014 and I now oversee Re-Instates new Community Hub and Social Enterprise .I support Basils refreshment centre team named after Re-Instates founder ‘Basil Huett’. I co-ordinate the Living Well Project, which supports our clients with learning disabilities into work, training and volunteering roles. I have qualifications in Mental Health, Health & Social Care, and working with people with learning disabilities through the Grimsby Institute, and I am trained in Individual Placement and Support (IPS), a model of supported employment.

Donna Baker – Book-Keeper

I spent my childhood in Lewisham, South London until I married and then moved to Erith. I completed my AAT Accountancy Qualifications whilst working as a  Finance Manager. I heard of Re-Instate through my neighbour and started volunteering in my spare time. My love for the organisation developed and it was in May 2014 that I joined as a staff member as the Company’s Book-keeper.

Alex Newson - Employment Development Co-ordinator

I have lived in the Bexley area my whole life. In 2015, I undertook an internship with Re-Instate, through The Learning & Enterprise College Bexley. I worked with Re-Instate for six weeks, which was an enjoyable and instructive experience. At the end of the internship I was offered the opportunity to build my career as an apprentice. In June, 2016, having completed my apprenticeship and earned a Level 2 in Business Administration, I successfully interviewed for the Employment Co-ordinator role, and became qualified in IPS. Working and training with Re-Instate has given me fantastic opportunities, and has allowed me to grow professionally and build new connections in the community.  

Maria Price - Basils Co-ordinator

I grew up in and around Greenwich. I spent a few years working in London’s West End before moving to Scotland where I spent over nine years on the small Island of Benbecula. I am a qualified Holistic Therapist and my main area of interest is nutrition and well-being. I supervise Basil’s, our refreshment space and am studying with the Grimsby Institute for  a qualification in mental health.

Lynda Gilbride - Personal, HR/ Business Assistant

I started working for the NHS in 2007 and eventually moved into working in South London and Maudsley hospitals initially as a ward clerk before moving on to become a Business Manager. After a brief stint working in the city as a PA I eventually took time out to have my daughter and be a stay at home Mum. Whilst thinking about getting her a place in nursery I found Re-Instate were looking for a PA and with my experience working within mental health services I just couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by!

Josh Miller - Cinematographer and Photographer

I grew up in South-East London, local to Re-Instate. Since a teenager I’ve suffered with mental health problems so I understand the difficulties people may face. I’m generally a creative person so during my recovery I studied photography Level 3 Extended Diploma. Due to my difficulties dealing with people I couldn’t follow this through as a career, so I went into finance, which I still do. I first came into contact with Re-Instate when I had trouble coping with work due to my mental health. They were very supportive and understanding. It wasn’t until later on I got involved with them again by having the opportunity to assist with their photography learning group, followed by their film for the W-rap project

Saul Hearn - Hub Assistant

Born and raised in South-East London, I became aware of Re-Instate whilst completing a course of Therapy, and began volunteering for them in early 2018. Initially I worked on the W-Rap project and helped compose music for a film produced to present our services, and at the beginning of 2019 I was given the opportunity to begin working at the Community Hub. Having been aware of the importance of mental health support through my family life I jumped at the chance to play a part in others recovery, and haven’t looked back since.